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The Vulnerables by Sigrid Nunez

This story about modern life and connection with others, including an adrift member of Gen Z and a feisty parrot named Eureka, reveals what happens when strangers are willing to open their hearts to each other and how far even small acts of kindness can offer healing and hope.

My Darling Girl by Jennifer McMahon

Mavis, Alison’s estranged mother, has been diagnosed with cancer and has only weeks to live. She wants to spend her remaining days with her daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. But Alison grew up with her mother’s alcoholism and violent abuse and is reluctant to unearth these traumatic memories. Still, she eventually agrees to take in Mavis, hoping that she and her mother could finally heal and have the relationship she’s always dreamed of. But when mysterious and otherworldly things start happening upon Mavis’s arrival, Alison begins to suspect her mother is not quite who she seems.

Penelope in Retrograde by Brooke Abrams

A romance writer with a passion for astrology reluctantly travels home for Thanksgiving to make amends with her estranged family…and possibly manifest her own happily ever after.

What We Kept to Ourselves by Nancy Jooyoun Kim

A novel of a family that unravels when a stranger is found dead in their backyard, only to find he might hold the key to finding their mother who disappeared a year ago.

Same Bed Different Dreams by Ed Park

March 1919. Far-flung Korean patriots establish the Korean Provisional Government to protest the Japanese occupation of their country. This government-in-exile proves mostly symbolic, its petitions ignored by heads of state as Korea’s nationhood is erased. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the KPG dissolves and civil war erupts, resulting in the North-South split that remains today. But what if the KPG still existed now, today-working toward a unified Korea, secretly harnessing the might of a giant tech company to further its aims?

Tatami Time Machine Blues by Tomihiko Morimi

Ready to strike down his worst friend who spilled coke on the air conditioner’s remote control, our protagonist meets a strange young man claiming to be a time traveler and devises a plan to retrieve the functioning remote control from the past but instead foresees the world’s extinction.

Last Night at the Hollywood Canteen by Sarah James

Perhaps the best place in 1943 Hollywood to see the stars is the Hollywood Canteen, a club for servicemen staffed exclusively by those in show business. Murder mystery playwright Annie Laurence, new in town after a devastating breakup, definitely hopes to rub elbows with the right stars. Maybe then she can get her movie made. But Hollywood proves to be more than tinsel and glamour.

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