Volunteer Policy: Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, Maine: Approved by Curtis Board of Directors 4-19-12

In order to achieve the vision and mission statement of Curtis Memorial Library, we view the active participation of citizens, of a variety of ages and abilities, as a valuable resource to the library. The library accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at the library under the supervision of the Volunteer Coordinator and other library staff, and within appropriate programs and activities. Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as an equal, the right to effective and professional supervision, the right to involvement and participation and the right to recognition of competent completion of assigned tasks.

Definition of a Volunteer

A volunteer is a person who performs tasks for the Curtis Memorial Library without wages, benefits, or compensation (including travel expenses) of any kind. Examples include members of the Board of Directors, Curtis Friends Board of Directors, shelving volunteers and book sale workers. Volunteers must be 12 years or older for regular volunteer work. Younger volunteers may be allowed to do special projects with their parents.

Volunteer Tasks

Tasks performed by volunteers may include the following:
– Shelving of materials and shelf reading
– Repairing books and other materials
– Processing of gift books
– Gardening and outdoor clean up
– Tending fires in fireplace room during the winter
– Working on the book sales
– Taking library materials to homebound patrons

Guidelines for Volunteers:
– Volunteers will complete a volunteer application and will be interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator.
– Volunteers are asked to provide the name and phone number for a community member who can serve as a reference.
– Additional screening will be required for volunteers who will have contact with patrons in their homes. These volunteers will provide additional personal information and consent to a criminal background check.
– All personal information about a volunteer is for internal use only and is confidential.
– Written parental permission will be needed to permit volunteering by a youth age 16 and under.
– Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees.
– The library reserves the right to terminate the services of any volunteer.