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Curtis Friends is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the library’s role as a valued community resource through advocacy, fundraising, and volunteerism. The Friends raise funds for special programs and resources at the library, and to support literacy in our community through our all-volunteer bookstore, Twice-Told Tales.

We are committed to:

* Making our great library even better
* Building community
* Enhancing the library experience

Although the library is supported mainly by public funds, Curtis Friends provide extra support that allows for more programs and special purchases. The Friends are also involved in activities that help promote and support the library:

  • Twice-Told Tales Bookstore
  • Bestseller Express Books
  • Books on Wheels
  • Book Bags
  • Free Museum Passes
  • Volunteer
  • Other Activities


Membership in Curtis Friends is open to anyone who pays an annual donation of of $20 $35, $50, $100 (or other amount above $20). If you use the library and value its importance in the community, please consider joining!

To join Curtis Friends, click the button below and type in your gift amount on the next screen. This is a secure transaction via Paypal.

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Curtis Friends Annual Report 2020


Ron Poulin, President

Christine Eames, Vice-President

Barbara Burr, Secretary

Steve Williams, Treasurer

Kathy Glenn-Lewin

Betty Hartley

Scott Johnson

Katy Kline

Linda Martin

Victoria Smith

Carol Toothaker

Jim Warner

Twice-Told Tales Quality Used Books sells gently used books and media in benefit of the Curtis Memorial Library.  Run by the volunteers of the Curtis Friends, the store is located at 200 Maine Street in downtown Brunswick, across from the town Mall and gazebo.  Look for our big blue BOOKS sign!

For more information and announcements, please follow Twice-Told Tales on Facebook!

We carefully follow all Covid-19 protection protocols and are happy to welcome you into our bright and well-organized store. We gratefully accept donations from the public.  Please see our Donation Guidelines below..


Browse our selection of high-quality used books on AbeBooks here.


We welcome donations from the public.  Please bring donations directly to Twice-Told Tales bookstore, located at 200 Maine Street in downtown Brunswick. The store hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM.  We ask that you bring only ONE bag or box per customer per day so that we do not overwhelm our intake room. We do not accept encyclopedias, software, games, or magazines. Otherwise, we are pleased to take any books, CDs, and DVDs that are in good condition, as well as puzzles with all their pieces.

We do not pay for used books or give store credit.  However, the bookstore can give you a tax credit form.  If you would like one, please ask when you drop off your donation.

Donating and purchasing items at Twice-Told Tales directly helps the Curtis Friends support the Curtis Memorial Library.  Proceeds from the sale of donated books and media help to fund library programs and the purchase of new books.  Thank you so much for thinking of us!  We appreciate it.


Our bookstore, Twice-Told Tales is an all-volunteer effort. If you wish to volunteer, you may pick up an application at the store, located at 200 Maine Street.