Code of Conduct
Approved 1-17-2023

Curtis Memorial Library is supported by the taxes of the citizens of Brunswick and Harpswell.  The members of these communities want to have a clean, comfortable, safe Library for borrowing books; reading; researching; studying; writing; and attending programs and meetings.

To that end, the Library Board of Directors has created this Code of Conduct (the Code) identifying its expectations about how people will treat each other when they visit the Library.

Code of Conduct

There are two key things asked of everyone who enters the Library (see page 2 for some examples of behavior that does not comply with the Code):

  1. Be respectful – treat others at the Library (staff, volunteers, and visitors) the way you want to be treated.
  2. Be safe – Engage only in behaviors that support keeping you and others safe.

If there is an issue:

  1. A staff member will talk with you to make sure you know why we think there is an issue.  You can certainly discuss the matter, but Library staff members have the final responsibility for deciding.
  2. If you do not think you can follow the Code, you may be asked by a librarian to leave the Library for the day and come back when you feel like you are able to do so.
  3. If you leave and come back the next day and your conduct has changed, all is good.
  4. If you return to the Library and your conduct has not changed, you can assume a senior person in the Library will discuss that conduct.  They may tell you to leave for a specific period of time or they may call the Brunswick Police Department and ask that the police serve you with a one year no trespass order.

If you disagree with the Library staff decision to ask you to leave the Library for a specific period of time or to get a no-trespass order, you have the right to appeal that decision with the Library Director.  You may:

  • Email the Director Elisabeth Doucett at
  • Call Ms. Doucett at 207-607-4126
  • Write out your concerns (please include your name, a way to contact you, why you are appealing the decision, and what changes you have made that will help you use the Library successfully in the future) and give it to a librarian to deliver to the Library Director.
  • The Library Director will consider all information, talk to involved staff and decide either to a) continue your suspension; b) make your suspension shorter; or c) allow you to use the Library again immediately. She will contact you and inform you of the decision.

Some examples of behaviors that do not comply with the Code of Conduct:

  • Creating disruptive noises (that can be controlled by the individual) like loud phone calls, yelling, banging, or playing your music so loudly that the person next to you can hear it through your ear buds.
  • Fighting or threatening others.
  • Interfering with the ability of another patron to use the Library. This includes not telling other Library patrons what they should or should not do.  If you have an issue, inform a librarian and leave it to them to manage.
  • We cannot tell if you are physically well.  We will wake you up if we see you sleeping to ensure you are physically ok.
  • Being disrespectful to the staff. They are here because they like people and they want to help you.  Yelling, swearing, demeaning, sexually harassing, or threatening the librarians makes it impossible for them to do their jobs.  If you engage in any of this conduct, they are permitted to just walk away.  If your conduct continues you will be asked to leave the Library.
  • Smoking cigarettes or marijuana, chewing tobacco, or vaping anywhere inside the Library or anywhere outside on Library property.
  • Doing illegal drugs or drinking alcohol in the Library or coming into the Library impaired. We will ask you to leave until you are sober.
  • Also, please do not leave your belongings where they can be stolen.
  • Bringing any weapons into the Library.
  • Bringing your animals into the Library unless they are certified service animals. We love animals but unless they are trained properly they can be a hazard to others.  Many people also suffer allergies to animals.
  • Breaking the law (federal, state, or local) in the Library.

And, finally the Library Director reserves the right at her sole discretion to prohibit any behavior on the Library premises that compromises the right of the public/staff to be in a safe place.   It is her job to make the final decision.

Thank you for working with us to create a safe, friendly, pleasant environment at Curtis Library!

The Board of Directors of Curtis Memorial Library recognizes and affirms the dignity of the library’s employees and all those the library serves, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin and physical or mental capabilities. 

The people who use, work, and volunteer at Curtis Memorial Library come from all walks of life.   Therefore, it is important that we make diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority in planning, decision making, staffing, staff training, collection development, and services. With humility we strive to provide a safe, respectful space for diverse voices and perspectives and to be effective advocates for all people in our community.