link to Kanopy

Our free trial of the Kanopy streaming services is over.  Now you can access Kanopy content from Curtis Downloads.  If you don’t have a Kanopy account, you’ll need to create one.  Then you will have access to thousands of entertaining and/or educational films.

While the trial was for unlimited usage, there are now monthly limits on the number of films you can watch.  Four is the total number of films that can be viewed per month.  If that limit is reached, cardholders will have to wait for the next month before checking out more.

Anyone who uses Kanopy Kids will have unlimited access to a collection of high-quality programs for children aged 2-12.  When you watch a Kanopy Kids program, you have access to the entire Kids collection for 30 days.

Coming soon: We will be offering access to the Great Courses, one course per month.  Stay tuned for details about when this will be available.