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Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Secret: A Memoir by Matthew Perry (2022)

The beloved star of Friends takes us behind the scenes of the hit sitcom and his struggles with addiction in this candid, funny, and revelatory memoir that delivers a powerful message of hope and persistence. In an extraordinary story that only he could tell, Matthew Perry takes readers onto the soundstage of the most successful sitcom of all time while opening up about his private struggles with addiction. Candid, self-aware, and told with his trademark humor, Perry vividly details his lifelong battle with the disease and what fueled it despite seemingly having it all.

The Bombay Prince  by Sujata Massey, Perveen Mistry series #3 (2022)

India’s only female lawyer in 1920s Bombay, India, Perveen Mistry, as the streets erupt in riots to protest British colonial rule, investigates the murder of Parsi student at the behest of their suffering family while trying to save her own.

Robert B. Parker’s Bye Bye Baby by Ace Atkins, Spencer novel #50 (2022)

Spenser, Hawk and a surprise trust ally must protect a rising star in national politics with a progressive agenda who is contending with numerous death threats coming from hundreds of suspects, including The Minutemen, who are pushing an agenda of white supremacy and toxic masculinity.

Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters by Andrew Morton (2021)

They were the closest of sisters and the best of friends. But when, in a quixotic twist of fate, their uncle Edward Vlll decided to abdicate the throne, the dynamic between Elizabeth and Margaret was dramatically altered. Forever more Margaret would have to curtsey to the sister she called ‘Lillibet.’ And bow to her wishes. Elizabeth would always look upon her younger sister’s antics with a kind of stoical amusement, but Margaret’s struggle to find a place and position inside the royal system–and her fraught relationship with its expectations–was often a source of tension.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It by  Elle Cosimano, Finlay Donovan novel #1 (2021)

Finlay Donovan is a struggling suspense novelist whose fiction treads dangerously close to the truth as she becomes tangled in real-life murder investigations.

Taste: My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci (2021)

Stanley Tucci grew up in an Italian American family that spent every night around the kitchen table. Taste is a reflection on the intersection of food and life, filled with anecdotes about his growing up in Westchester, New York; preparing for and shooting the foodie films “Big Night” and “Julie & Julia”; falling in love over dinner; and teaming up with his wife to create meals for a multitude of children. Each morsel of this gastronomic journey through good times and bad, five-star meals and burned dishes, is as heartfelt and delicious as the last.

An Irish Country Yuletide by Patrick Taylor, Irish Country book #17 (2021)

Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly is enjoying the caroling and tree-trimming of the Irish holiday season in Ballybucklebo when his black sheep brother returns hoping to reconcile.

Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney (2021)

Four young people pair up, break up, have wild flirtations and worry about their friendships and the worldthey live in while pondering their eroding youth.

It’s a Wonderful Woof  by Spencer Quinn, Chet & Bernie series #12 (2021)

As the holidays approach, Chet the dog and his human partner, private investigator Bernie Little, search for a fellow investigator who disappeared along with a client.

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty (2021)

A family of tennis stars debate whether or not to report their mother as missing because it would implicate their father.

Foregone by Russell Banks (2021)

A septuagenarian leftist documentary filmmaker gives a last interview from his mythologized life to a former star student to whom he discloses his experiences as a draft dodger who fled to a new life in Montreal.

The Berlin Exchange by Joseph Kanon (2022)

In 1963 Berlin, Martin Keller, a captured physicist and American who spied for the KGB, is swapped by the British and returns to East Berlin where he needs to know who arranged for his release and why.

Lightning Strike by William Kent Krueger (2021)

In this prequel to the acclaimed Cork O’Connor series, 12-year-old Cork stumbles upon the body of a man hanging in a tree — the first in a series of events that cause him to question everything he took for granted about his hometown, his family and himself.

The Party Crasher by Sophie Kinsella (2021)

It’s been over two years since Effie’s beloved parents got divorced. And Greenoaks, the rambling Victorian country house Effie called home her whole life, has been sold. . . Effie realizes that she must confront her past before she’ll ever be able to face her future.

Twisted Tea Christmas by Laura Childs, Tea Shop Mystery #23 (2022)

While catering a Victorian Christmas party for Drucilla Heyward, one of the wealthiest women in town who is about to make a huge announcement, tea maven Theodosia Browning finds herself steeped in murder when she stumbles upon Drucilla’s dead body.

The Midnight Lock by Jeffery Deaver, Lincoln Rhyme novel #15 (2021)

When he is fired as a consultant for the NYPD, Lincoln Rhyme decides to risk jail to solve a case involving “the Locksmith”–a sociopathic intruder who can break through any lock or security system every devised, terrorizing the entire city.

Yours Cheerfully by A. J. Pearse, Emmy Lake chronicles #2 (2021)

A young wartime advice columnist, Emmeline Lake must tackle a life-changing dilemma between doing her duty and standing by her friends when the Ministry of Information calls on her to help recruit desperately needed female workers to the war effort.

A Christmas Memory by Richard Paul Evans (2022)

Reeling from the loss of his brother in Vietnam, Richard moves with his family from California to his grandmother’s abandoned house in Utah, where he finds the holiday spirit with the help of an elderly neighbor and his dog.

The Old Place by Bobby Finger (2022)

Mary Alice and Ellie were a pair since the day Ellie moved in next door. That they both were single mothers–Mary Alice widowed, Ellie divorced–with sons the same age was a pleasant coincidence, but they were forever linked when they lost the boys, one right after the other. Years later, the two are working their way back to a comfortable friendship. But when Mary Alice’s sister arrives on her doorstep with a staggering piece of news, it jeopardizes the careful shell she’s built around her life.

Rules at the School by the Sea by Jenny Colgan, School by the Sea novel #2 (2022)

Engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Maggie Adair, a teacher at Downey House the sea in Cornwall, must stop thinking about her colleague at the boys’ school down the road, while her boss, headmistress Veronica Deveral, must confront a scandalous secret she thought she’d buried forever.

Racing the Light by Robert Crais, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series #19 (2022)

Adele Schumacher isn’t a typical worried mom. When she hires Elvis to find her missing son, a controversial podcaster named Josh Shoe, she brings a bag filled with cash, bizarre tales of government conspiracies, and a squad of professional bodyguards. Finding Josh should be simple, but Elvis quickly learns he isn’t alone in the hunt—a deadly team of mysterious strangers are determined to find Josh and his adult film star girlfriend first. With dangerous secrets lurking behind every lead, Elvis needs his friend Joe Pike to help uncover the truth about Josh, corrupt politicians, and the vicious business cartels rotting the heart of Los Angeles from within.

Dawnlands by Philippa Gregory, Fairmile novel #3 (2022)

On the brink of civil war, Livia has convinced Alinor to save the queen from the coming siege while her brother returns from America to join the rebel army in the third novel of the series following Dark Tides.

Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-nine by Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum mystery #29 (2022)

Stephanie Plum must retrieve a mysterious missing coin in order to pay the ransom for her co-worker who has been kidnapped.

Liberation Day: Stories by George Saunders (2022)

The “best short-story writer in English” (Time) is back with a masterful collection that explores ideas of power, ethics, and justice and cuts to the very heart of what it means to live in community with our fellow humans. With his trademark prose—wickedly funny, unsentimental, and exquisitely tuned—Saunders continues to challenge and surprise: Here is a collection of prismatic, resonant stories that encompass joy and despair, oppression and revolution, bizarre fantasy and brutal reality.