Delicious tales of fun and friendship – just don’t eat the characters!

Book Cover: Tater Tales: The Greatest in the WorldTater Tales: The Greatest in the World!
by Ben Clanton
A brand new series from the creator of Narwhal and Jelly! Rot is a mutant potato who wakes up feeling great, maybe even…the greatest in the world! But that only makes Rot’s brother Snot the grumpiest in the world. The only solution? An epic contest to prove who is the greatest once and for all, judged by the only impartial party they can find—their small fry little sister Tot. But as the stakes get higher through the muddy potato sack race, sacred hot potato roll, and a hilarious laughing contest, their rivalry spirals out of control. Suddenly Rot’s not feeling so spudtacular anymore. Will this tater trio ever be able to determine who the greatest in the world really is?

Book Cover: Cookie & Broccoli: Book of Secrets!Cookie & Broccoli
by Bob McMahon
Shh . . . Cookie and Broccoli’s lips are sealed! Broccoli reveals the embarrassing nickname his grandma gave him as a baby, and Cookie laments that he’s never had a nickname . . . or has he? Then the adorable duo set out to cure Broccoli’s boredom, for which Talking Rock gives them a cryptic clue: the solution is the opposite of boredom. What could that be?

Book Cover: Pizza and Taco Rock OutPizza and Taco
by Stephen Shaskan
Pizza and Taco have decided to start a band, now all they need is to find some instruments, bandmates, and write a song or two.

Book Cover: Pea, Bee, & Jay: Gotta Find GrampsPea, Bee, and Jay
by Brian Smith
When Pea, Bee, & Jay hear stories of Gramp’s youth, they find each yarn to be wilder than the last. He once had a pet dog, was a professional wrestling champ, and even led a jailbreak out of a can of peas…But when Gramps goes missing, it’s up to the trio to bring him home.

Book Cover: Nugget and Dog: S'More Than Meets the EYeNugget and Dog
by Jason Tharp
A hot dog named Dog and a chicken nugget named Nugget hope to have fun at summer camp, but things get sticky when fellow camper Dijon implements his evil plan.