These books may take five minutes to read, but they can introduce a lifetime of wonder.

Book Cover: Who's Looking: How Animals See the World Who’s Looking? How Animals See the World
by Carol Matas
A young girl and her baby sister explore the land around them while various animals and insects look on. The art reflects the world as viewed by the animals along with the text explaining some science behind the animal’s unique vision.

Book Cover: The Animal ToolkitThe Animal Toolkit
by Steve Jenkins
Featuring Steve Jenkin’s signature cut-paper illustrations, this picture book teaches all about what makes a tool a tool–and the remarkable ways animals use them to interact with the world.

Book Cover: Hidden Animal ColorsHidden Animal Colors
by Jane Park
Nature is full of browns and grays. But some animals feature pinks, blues, and greens. Brilliant photos accompany lyrical nonfiction text to explore animals’ hidden colors.

Book Cover: Animal Sidekicks: Amazing Stories of Symbiosis in Animals and PlantsAnimal Sidekicks: Amazing Stories of Symbiosis in Animals and Plants
by Macken Murphy
The crab that wears a sea urchin as a hat; the bat that goes to bed inside a plant; the warthog that likes a mongoose massage… You’ll even find out about symbiotic relationships including YOU! (Hint-is your head ever itchy?) By the end of the book you won’t look at nature in the same way again.

Book Cover: Dig Dance Dive: How Birds Move to SurviveDig, Dance, Dive: How Birds Move to Survive
by Etta Kaner
Birds can do a lot more than just fly! Did you know some of them can dig, dance, dive, and dabble? Meet the Adélie penguin, which toboggans down hills on its belly, and the kakapo, which climbs up trees to escape danger.