In your search for new genealogy education, don’t forget to take a look at the resources offered at the Brigham Young University Family History Library – you can find the website here.

BYU provides free webinars every month around different genealogy topics.  They also maintain a Youtube channel of hundreds of past genealogy focused webinars.  To access the past webinars simply go to Youtube ( and search for “Brigham Young University Family History Library”.  Topics cover a very wide spectrum from “The Ultimate Brick Wall Busters” to “Fun Ways to Write a Life Story”.

The website also has a very rich and detailed list of genealogy websites across the web – you can find the list here   Some of the resources identified on this list require a BYU password but many are free and accessible to all.

I particularly enjoyed the list of map resources which led me to Old Maps Online ( If you have ever taken a beginning genealogy class from me you’ll know that one of the first resources I tell you to find are historical maps from the locations you are planning to research.  Old Maps Online seems to be a good place to start that search – happy research!