Start Maine Native Seeds at Home!

We invite you to start native seeds now and in the Spring, you will have plants to set out in your garden.  Native seeds need a long winter to germinate.  The seeds need to be exposed to the elements, yet protected, so starting the seeds in pots is a good way to ensure successful germination.

Stop by the Help Desk to pick up your kit!

You may choose Wild Bee-balm or New England Aster from the Wild Seed Project.  You will also receive a packet of Butterfly Milkweed and a packet of Swamp Milkweed (collected by Curtis volunteers).  Each kit includes thorough seed sowing instructions from Wild Seed Project.

The vision of Wild Seed Project is “that people create and repopulate landscapes to be abundant with native plants that safeguard wildlife habitat, support biodiversity, and mitigate the effects of climate change.” To learn more about the Wild Seed Project, please visit




Happy planting!