If you haven’t taken a look at the Brigham Young University Family History Library website, here’s a suggestion to check it out.

If you go here it will take you to their Subject List page.  It is exhaustive and I’m still working my way through what they have available for free.

Most of my research is focused on Canada so I tend to look for new resources in that geography.  I’ve been doing genealogy long enough now that I don’t find new resources all that often.  But, on this website I did.

I found the “Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project” at http://www.historicalatlas.ca/website/hacolp/    The site has interactive maps around specific events in Canadian history – fascinating.  Here’s how the website describes itself:

The Historical Atlas of Canada was a three-volume collaborative research and publishing project, finished in 1993, which used maps text and other graphics to explore themes in the history of Canada.  The Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning Project is intended to make the maps and data generated for the Atlas available to a wider audience by
re-designing them for the Internet.

Some of the identified resources are links to other websites and some are BYU Family History Library websites.  There is also a link to free online genealogy webinars – definitely worth taking a look at.  You can find that page here.

I hope you have a great 4th of July and the opportunity to do lots of genealogy.  Happy research!