Sustainability – Purchasing Policy

Adopted June 16, 2022 by CML Executive Board

Curtis Memorial Library strives to be a responsible steward of its resources, including decreasing its impact on the environment.
Toward that end, the Library shall wherever practicable and efficient endeavor to use sustainable and environmentally sound supplies and equipment for the Library. We will take factors such as the following into consideration when making purchases for the Library, although this is not an exhaustive list:

• Recyclability of the items
• Amount of post-consumer recycled content in the items and packaging
• Disposal of items such as batteries and hardware
• Transportation distances and impacts for delivery of the items
• Ability for an item to be repaired or repurposed rather than re-purchasing
• The environmentally friendly practices of the vendors under consideration
Nothing in this policy shall prohibit Curtis Library from considering a product or vendor that is more suitable for the intended use and/or available at a more competitive price that does not meet these aspirational standards.
*With thanks to the Palos Verdes Library District