Are you writing down your experiences during COVID-19?  I know it is hard.  We are in the middle of it and it feels like it will never end.  But, as a genealogist, consider how much your children and their descendants far into the future will value your perspective as a person who lived through a world-wide pandemic.  We are in the middle of  a major world event and, speaking as someone who has done research on the 1918 flu epidemic, people in the future will be fascinated by our thoughts!

Here’s some ideas that might help you get started in your writing:

  • Think about where you live and how your location affects your experience of the epidemic. For example, if you live in Maine what is happening to you is probably very different from people living in NYC or Chicago or Los Angeles.
  • How have you spent time during the stay-at-home period? Have you tried any new hobbies or read new authors?  How did you keep your equilibrium?  Did you cook more or start baking bread?
  • Have you done any genealogy research while at home? How did that research make you feel?  For example, I love doing genealogy right now because it both takes my mind off of all that is happening but it also gives me a sense of perspective.  Epidemics are not new things and it helps me to know that my grandparents lived through very similar times.
  • Write some words of advice to future generations. What have you done during this time that was helpful (connect with friends) and what hasn’t been helpful (eating a lot of cookies!). Have you learned anything you want to share?

When you are done writing, save your memories with your genealogy research software/notebook/file.  I can promise you that future generations will find your perspective both helpful and absorbing.