Do you need to back your data up? that depends – how much would you care if it disappeared? For most people, having two copies of your data is enough – one copy at home, and another copy elsewhere. Check out the Curtis Casts podcast episode 7 for details, in which Bryan explains why to back your data up, and how to do it. You’ll also find recommendations for devices for remote learning for schoolchildren come September.

You should at least know the following:

Back up your Mac using Time Machine, and your Windows 10 PC using File History. Back up your Android devices with Google, and your Apple devices with the iCloud. You should also back up your Macs and PCs to the cloud. I recommend Backblaze, because it’s reasonably priced and has worked well for everyone I know that has used it to recover their files.


For those of you with children going back to school and needing a reasonably priced device for them to do their schoolwork and whatever remote learning they need to do, I have two recommendations for Chromebooks; one from Acer, one from Samsung. Neither are the best of the best, but both will get the job the done, and won’t break the bank while doing it. Both have full sized keyboards, nice screens, webcams and mics, and not terribly underpowered processors. And for under $300, that’s more than you can ask.

The Acer can be found on Amazon.

The Samsung can be found at BestBuy.

And I wish you all the best of luck going into September: We are all going to need it.


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