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Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal (Feb 2022)

Sold as a human wonder to the ringmaster of a traveling Victorian circus in 1860s London, a young woman becomes a international superstar, in the new novel from the author of The Doll Factory.

The Bucharest Dossier by William Maz (Mar 2022)

At the start of the 1989 uprising in Romania, CIA analyst Bill Hefflin–a disillusioned Romanian expat–arrives in Bucharest at the insistence of his KGB asset, code-named Boris. As Hefflin becomes embroiled in an uprising that turns into a brutal revolution, nothing is as it seems, including the search for his childhood love, which has taken on mythical proportions.

Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandra Bellefleur (Feb 2022)

A wedding planner job in Seattle means a fresh start for Margot Cooper. But never did she expect her important new client’s Best Woman would be the one that got away.

The Perfect Equation by Elizabeth Everett, Secret Scientists of London series #2 (Feb 2022)

How do you solve the Perfect Equation? Add one sharp-tongued mathematician to an aloof, handsome nobleman. Divide by conflicting loyalties and multiply by a daring group of women hell-bent on conducting their scientific experiments. The solution is a romance that will break every rule.

Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin (Mar 2022)

An emotionally closed-off psychologist at a memory removal clinic in London, Noor insinuates herself in the lives of four troubled individuals grappling with the question of what to remember — and what they hoped to forget forever.

The Dickens Boy by Thomas Keneally (Mar 2022)

The tenth child of Charles Dickens, Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens, known as Plorn, had consistently proven unable ‘to apply himself’ to school or life. So he is sent, as his brother Alfred had been before him, at sixteen years of age, to Australia.

Silent Sisters by Robert Dugoni, Charles Jenkins novel #3 (Feb 2022)

An American sleeper cell in Russia goes silent–and it’s one man’s duty to find them.

Checkout 19  by Claire-Louise Bennett (Mar 2022)

In a working-class town in a county west of London, a schoolgirl scribbles in the back pages of her exercise book, discovering her own genius through the people she meets–and dreams up–along the way.

The Houseboat by Dane Bahr (Mar 2022)

A stylish and atmospheric noir set in small town Iowa in the 1960s, a midcentury heartland gothic with abounding twists and a feverish conclusion.

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle (Mar 2022)

When Katy’s mother dies, she is left reeling. Carol wasn’t just Katy’s mom, but her best friend and first phone call. To make matters worse, their planned mother-daughter trip of a lifetime looms: two weeks in Positano, the magical town Carol spent the summer right before she met Katy’s father. But as soon as she steps foot on the Amalfi Coast, Katy begins to feel her mother’s spirit. And then Carol appears-in the flesh, healthy, sun-tanned, and thirty years old.

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake (Mar 2022)

Chosen to compete for five spots within The Alexandrian Society, the protectors and benefactors of the world’s greatest source of knowledge, six powerful, young magicians must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice to win one of the coveted spots.

Cold Enough for Snow by Jessica Au (Feb 2022)

A mother and daughter travel from abroad to meet in Tokyo . . . All the while, they talk: about the weather, horoscopes, clothes, and objects, about family, distance, and memory. But uncertainties abound. Who is really speaking here–is it only the daughter? And what is the real reason behind this elliptical, perhaps even spectral journey?

The Family Chao by Lan Samantha Chang (Feb 2022)

The residents of Haven, Wisconsin have dined on the Fine Chao restaurant’s delicious Americanized Chinese food for thirty-five years, happy to ignore any unsavory whispers about the family owners. But when brash, charismatic, and tyrannical patriarch Leo Chao is found dead–presumed murdered–his sons find they’ve drawn the exacting gaze of the entire town.

Chorus by Rebecca Kauffman (Mar 2022)

The seven Shaw siblings have long been haunted by two early and profoundly consequential events. Told in turn back and forth over time, from the early twentieth century through the 1950s, each sibling relays their own version of the memories that surround both their mother’s mysterious death and the circumstances leading up to and beyond one sister’s scandalous teenage pregnancy.

Vagabonds! By Eloghosa Osunde (Mar 2022)

In the bustling streets and cloistered homes of Lagos, a cast of vivid characters–some haunted, some defiant–navigate danger, demons, and love in a quest to lead true lives.

What the Fireflies Knew by Kai Harris (Mar 2022)

A coming-of-age novel told from the perspective of an eleven-year-old over the course of a single summer, as she tries to make sense of her new life with her estranged grandfather and sister after the death of her father and disappearance of her mother.

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