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The Eagle’s Claw: A Novel of the Battle of Midway by Jeff Shaara (June 2021)

Recounts one of World War II’s most pivotal moments, sharing the stories of all ranks and  the unique sacrifices each man is compelled to bravely make for the sake of country, freedom, honor.

Annie and the Wolves by Andromeda Romano-Lax (Feb 2021)

Sacrificing everything to research the life of her idol, Annie Oakley, a modern-day historian who would heal from one tragedy to prevent another discovers a journal that reveals the formative events that compelled Oakley’s emergence as a gifted sharpshooter.

The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman (June 2021)

A British actress new to Hollywood, Mia Eliot is forced to play the role of a lifetime when a girl she only met once disappears and an imposter shows up in her place, forcing her to question her sanity as the truth goes beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

Lesson in Red by Maria Hummel (June 2021)

In this sequel to Still Lives, Maggie Richter returns to solve the mystery of the death of a rising star in the Los Angeles art world.

The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson (Mar 2021)

Follows a Dakota family’s struggle to preserve their way of life, and their sacrifices to protect what matters most.

Our Woman in Moscow by Beatriz Williams (June 2021)

To save her sister, who, along with her American diplomat husband and children, is trapped behind the Iron Curtain, Ruth Macallister embarks on a dangerous mission, and as the sisters race toward safety, a dogged Soviet agent forces them to make a heartbreaking choice.

Ridgeline by Michael Punke (June 2021)

In 1866, a new war breaks out on the western frontier between a young ambitious nation and the Native tribes who have lived on the land for centuries, in this fascinating saga, based on real people and events, that grapples with essential questions of conquest and justice that still echo today.

Wendy, Darling by A. C. Wise (June 2021)

When Peter Pan returns, taking her daughter Jane instead of her, Wendy must follow Peter back to Neverland and rescue Jane–and finally face the darkness at the heart of the island.

Everyone Knows Your Mother is a Witch by Rivka Galchen  (June 2021)

Drawing on real historical documents but infused with  intensity of imagination, sly humor, and intellectual fire, this is a tale for our time-the story of how a community becomes implicated in collective aggression and hysterical fear.


Basil’s War by Stephen Hunter (May 2021)

An accomplished agent in the British Army, Basil St. Florian embarks on his toughest assignment yet as he, going undercover in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, searches for an ecclesiastic manuscript that holds the key to a code that could prevent the death of millions.

The Final Twist by Jeffrey Deaver, Colter Shaw novel #3 (May 2021)

Taking on a mission his father began years ago — to find a missing courier bag that contains a catastrophic secret — Colter Shaw plays a cat-and-mouse game with a corporate espionage firm and gets some help from an unexpected figure from his past to expose the truth.

Flat White by Sandra Balzo, Maggy Thorsen mystery #13 (May 2021)

Maggy Thorsen has taken on a new barista, Christy Wrigley, to fill in at her Wisconsin coffee house. When the new love of her life turns up unexpectedly on the coffee shop’s doorstep, Christy is shocked – but what happens next is even more incredible, and Maggy is soon drawn into a deadly blend of betrayal, deception and lies.

Mean and Shellfish by Tamar Myer,  Pennsylvania Dutch series #22 (May 2021)

When Magdalena Yoder had the brainwave for the annual Billy Goat Gruff Festival four years ago, little did she expect it to become the highlight of Hernia’s social calendar. Unfortunately, the festivities are soon derailed by a series of bizarre pranks and a gruesome discovery. But is the festival really the target, or is it Magdalena herself?

A Peculiar Combination by Ashley Weaver, Electra McDonnel novel #1 (May 2021)

Electra McDonnell is a gifted lock-picker is called upon to serve her country during WWII.

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