Looking for new books?  Here are  titles we have just added to the Curtis collection.  Click on title to check availability and request.


Island of the Missing Trees by Elif Shafak (Nov 2021)

A novel about belonging and identity, love and trauma, nature and renewal, from the Booker-shortlisted author of 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World.  Coming of age story.

Cackle by Rachel Harrison (Oct 2021)

From the author of The Return comes a darkly funny, frightening novel about a young woman learning how to take what she wants, from a witch who might be too good to be true. Darkly humorous.

Dog Park by Sofi Oksanen (Sept 2021)

Moving seamlessly between modern-day Finland and Ukraine in the early days of its post-Soviet independence, The Dog Park is a keenly observed, dark and propulsive novel set at the intersection of East and West, centered in a web of exploitation and the commodification of the female body. Nonlinear thriller.

Fight Night  by Miriam Toews (Nov 2021)

Given a writing assignment after being expelled, Swiv discovers that her mother and grandmother have been fighting their whole lives for joy and independence. Complex with strong female characters.

My Monticello by Jocelyn Nicole Johnson (Oct 2021)

An irresistibly accessible yet startlingly bold book of short stories and a novella, inspired by Black lives in America and featuring the gripping eponymous work “My Monticello.” Thought-provoking, culturally diverse.

Dark Things I Adore by Katie Lattari (Sept 2021)

A group of outcasts gather at an arts camp in the Maine woods, but secrets and dark ambitions rise like smoke from a campfire, and the truths they tell will come back to haunt them in ways more deadly than they dreamed.  Disturbing, suspenseful.

Forgiving Paris by Karen Kingsbury (Oct 2021)

More than two decades ago, Ashley Baxter Blake made her most grievous mistake in Paris. Now, a forgotten voice brings new information about that terrible time, causing Ashley to see that experience in a new light. Can she finally lay down yesterday’s pain and move on? Christian fiction.

Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson (Aug 2021)

June Jones emerges from her shell to fight for her beloved local library, and through the efforts and support of an eclectic group of library patrons, she discovers life-changing friendships along the way.  Heartwarming relationship fiction.

The Collective by Alison Gaylin (Nov 2021)

When her rash actions garner the attention of a secret group of women called the collective who exact their own brand of justice, Camille Gardner, still reeling from her daughter’s death, must decide if these women are avenging angels or monsters before it’s too late. Fast-paced thriller.

Still Life by Sarah Winman (Nov 2021)

From the acclaimed author of Tin Man comes a new novel of people brought together across four decades of love, war, art, flood, and the ghost of E. M. Forster. Historical fiction, LGBTQIA diverse.

An Irish Country Yuletide by Patrick Taylor, Irish Country Books #17 (Nov 2021)

Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly is enjoying the caroling and tree-trimming of the Irish holiday season in Ballybucklebo when his black sheep brother returns hoping to reconcile. Heartwarming holiday fiction.

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard (Aug 2021)

Ciara and Oliver meet in a supermarket queue in Dublin and start dating the same week COVID-19 reaches Irish shores. When lockdown threatens to keep them apart, Oliver suggests they move in together. Ciara sees a unique opportunity for a relationship to flourish without the scrutiny of family and friends. Oliver sees a chance to hide who—and what—he really is. Intricately plotted.

The Neighbor’s Secret by L. Alison Heller (Oct 2021)

With its sprawling yards and excellent schools, Cottonwood Estates is the perfect place to raise children. The Cottonwood Book Club serves as the subdivision’s eyes and ears, meeting once a month for discussion, gossip, and cocktails. When late-night acts of vandalism target the women of the book club in increasingly violent and personal ways, they will be forced to decide how far to go to keep their secrets. . Psychological suspense.

Our Country Friends by Gary Shteyngart (Nov 2021)

It’s March 2020 and a calamity is unfolding. A group of friends and friends-of-friends gathers in a country house to wait out the pandemic. Over the next few months new bonds of friendship and love will take hold, while old betrayals will emerge among this unlikely cast of characters, each richly drawn and achingly human. Satirical fiction.

Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers (Oct 2021)

When Gretchen Tilbury claims that her daughter is the result of a virgin birth, Jean Swinney, a feature writer on a local paper, sets out to prove whether Gretchen is a miracle or a fraud-an investigation that sends dark ripples across all their lives with unimaginable consequences. Character-driven, heart-wrenching.


The Forever Dog: Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier and Longer by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Shaw Becker (Oct 2021)

When Rodney Habib’s dog, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, it sent him on a mission to save her life… Her plight inspired Rodney to travel the world, looking for innovative ways to arrest the progression of the disease. In his quest to save Sam, he met world-renowned veterinarian Karen Becker, a proactive pet health advocate with more than 20 years of experience. The two quickly realized they had the same goal: to improve the quality of life for dogs and pet parents everywhere….Explore how external factors such as exercise, environmental toxins, the stress in your own life and the choices your veterinarian leads you to make can greatly affect your pet’s overall health and wellbeing so you can raise a Forever Dog.

The Right Rehab: A Guide to Addiction and Mental Illness Recovery When Crisis Hits Your Family by Walter Wolf (Nov 2021)

From intervention to recovery, The Right Rehab is a step-by-step guide that details how to identify and access treatment options available to all individuals and families, no matter how plentiful or sparse their resources.

The Young H. G. Wells: Changing the World by Claire Tomalin (Nov 2021)

The literary biographer looks at the early life of influential writer and public figure H.G. Wells, from his school days and his emergence as writer of extraordinary depth to the publication of The Time Machine.

Raise a Fist, Take a Knee:  Race and the Illusion of Progress in Modern Sports by John Feinstein (Nov 2021)

Seventy-five years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color line, race is still a central and defining factor of America’s professional sports leagues. With an encyclopedic knowledge of professional sports, and shrew cultural criticism, John Feinstein uncovers not just why, but how, pro sports continue to perpetuate racial inequality.

Midnight in Washington: How We Almost Lost Our Democracy and Still Could by Adam Schiff (Oct 2021)

From the congressman who led the first impeachment of Donald J. Trump, the vital inside account of American democracy in its darkest hour, and a warning that the forces of autocracy unleashed by Trump remain as potent as ever.

A Carnival of Snackery: Diaries (2003 – 2020) by David Sedaris (Oct 2021)

The humorist author chronicles 2003-2020, charting the years of his rise to fame with his trademark misanthropic charm and wry wit.

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