Working on your genealogy during your self-distancing?  Run into a question or problem?  Lynne Holland, our Curtis Genealogy volunteer, has offered to answer genealogy questions on Fridays during the time when she would normally have been at Curtis Library (from 9:30am to noon).

  • Just drop her an email ( with your question.
  • Make sure your question is short, very specific, and includes a short bit of background so she can be sure of what your question is.
  • She will get back to you on the Friday after she receives your email.

If you have Zoom and know how to use it, you can schedule a 15 minute Zoom meeting with Lynne via email for the Friday of the week you email.  She will confirm with you that she has that time available.

Thank you to Lynne for her willingness to keep things moving for our local Curtis genealogists!