Many patrons have enjoyed our ongoing series, Scrap Crafts.  In this program we utilize numerous books from our nonfiction section to create and explore accessible art and handicrafts. As we all stay at home we have continued this series virtually and will occasionally post tutorial posts so that you too can use to try out a new skill.

Project: Mosaic Planter

Description: Learn to use broken dishes to create unique works of art.

Materials To Gather:

  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves
  • Old dishes
  • An old towel
  • An ugly or cracked pot you want to decorate
  • a hammer (When we reopen you can check out our Mosaic Kit from our Library of Things. This would allow you to make more complex shapes, than ones created with a hammer.)
  • Glue (Refer to this handy glue chart when wondering how to attach your materials)
  • Grout (Obtainable at any hardware store.)


  • Creating a mosaic is as easy as covering old dishes with a towel and whacking them with a hammer until they are the size you desire.
  • Next, arrange and glue those pieces onto your pot. Be sure to use the right adhesive!
  •  Let dry and cover the cracks with a grout.


Let dry and then use the pot as you normally would. Enjoy!


Remeber there are many different types of mosaics. Be sure to check out some other tutorials on Creative Bug.