Gathering with family to celebrate winter holidays this year will be different this year. In our house, that means we’ll be video chatting rather than visiting in person. Even if we can’t be together in person, we can still share books and stories. Here are a few suggestions.

Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke
Anna Hibiscus lives in amazing Africa (presumably in the authorʻs native Nigeria) with her mother, her father, her baby twin brothers, and lots and lots of her family. Join her as she splashes in the sea, prepares for a party, sells oranges, and hopes to see sweet, sweet snow! There are picture books and short chapter books about Anna Hibiscus.

Our Friend Hedgehog by Lauren Castillo
When a storm separates Hedgehog from her lifelong friend, Mutty, she bravely sets out to find him and makes some very good new friends in the process.

Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm by Jon Katz
A true story of Rose, Izzy, Frieda, and Lenore, four dogs that work hard on the farm doing various jobs. They’re good friends now, but it wasn’t always this way. Just as each dog has a different role on the farm, each has a unique story.

Drawn Together by Minh Lê
A boy and his grandfather cross a language and cultural barrier using their shared love of art, storytelling, and fantasy.

Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Obed
From the first ice, a thin skin on a bucket of water, through thickly iced fields, streams, and gardens, a girl, her family, and friends anticipate and enjoy a winter of skating, ending with an ice show complete with costumes, refreshments, and clowns.

You Matter by Christian Robinson
See how everyone is connected and that everyone matters.

Thanks to the Animals by Allen Sockabasin
In 1900 during the Passamaquoddy winter migration in Maine, Baby Zoo Sap falls off the family bobsled and the forest animals hearing his cries, gather to protect him until his father returns to find him.