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Social Sciences

Fire and Flood: A People’s History of Climate Change, from 1979 to the Present by Eugene Linden (Apr 2022)

How and why we have arrived at our current dire pass, closing with his argument that the same forces that have so confused the public’s mind and slowed the policy response are poised to pivot with astonishing speed, as long-term risks have become present-day realities and the cliff’s edge is now within view. There is a path back from the cliff, but we must pick up the pace. Fire and Flood shows us why, and how.

Here’s the Deal: A Memoir by Kellyanne Conway (May 2022)

Conway takes you on a journey all the way to the White House and beyond. It’s all here: what it’s like to be dissected on national television. How to outsmart the media mob. How to outclass the crazy critics. How to survive and succeed male-dominated industries. What happens when the perils of social media really hit home. And what happens when the divisions across the country start playing out in one’s own family.

How to Raise an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi (June 2022)

This guide for parents, caregivers and teachers focuses on strategies for talking to children about racism, how to avoid the mistakes of our past and help dismantle racist behaviors in ourselves and our world.

Wastelands: The True Story of Farm Country on Trial by Corban Addison (June 2022)

The once idyllic coastal plain of North Carolina is home to a close-knit, rural community that for more than a generation has battled the polluting practices of large-scale farming taking place in its own backyard. After years of frustration and futility, an impassioned cadre of local residents, led by a team of intrepid and dedicated lawyers, filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s most powerful companies–and, miraculously, they won.


One Person, One Vote: A Surprising History of Gerrymandering in the United States by Nick Seabrook (June 2022)

Explores the rise of the most partisan gerry­manders in American history, put in place by the Republican Party after the 2010 census. We see how the battle has shifted to the states via REDMAP–the GOP’s successful strategy to control state governments and rig the results of state legislative and congressional elections over the past decade. Seabrook makes clear that a vast new redistricting is already here, and that to safeguard our republic, action is needed before it is too late.

Sports & Recreation

So Help Me Golf: Why We Love the Game by Rick Reilly (May 2022)

Beloved bestselling author and golf aficionado Rick Reilly channels his insatiable curiosity, trademark sense of humor, and vast knowledge of the game in a treasure trove of original pieces about what the game has meant to him and to others.

Health & Wellness

A Scientific Revolution: Ten Men and Women Who Reinvented American Medicine by Ralph Hruban (May 2022)

A collective biography of ten men and women–all affiliated with Johns Hopkins–who helped transform the practice of medicine in the United States.

Self-Help & Relationships

Arrival Stories: Women Share Their Experiences of Being Mothers collected by Amy Shumer and Christy Turlington Burns (Apr 2022)

Motherhood is an identity, a calling, a battle, a journey. By sharing their experiences, the contributors to Arrival Stories offer an informative and deeply affecting account of what it feels like when a woman first realizes she is a mother.

Literature & Writing

Embrace Fearlessly the Burning World: Essays by Barry Lopez (May 2022)

Written in Lopez’s signature observant and vivid prose, these essays offer an autobiography in pieces that a reader can assemble while journeying with Lopez along his many roads.

Vinegar Hill: Poems by Colm Toibin (Apr 2022)

A wide variety of poems, ranging in setting and topic, Vinegar Hill deals with gay experience and with the experience of loss, with memory and a fading past as well as the present moment.

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories edited by Yu Chen & Regina Kanyu Wang (Mar 2022)

From an award-winning team of authors, editors, and translators comes a groundbreaking short story collection that explores the expanse of Chinese science fiction and fantasy. Written, edited, and translated by a female and nonbinary team, these stories have never before been published in English and represent both the richly complicated past and the vivid future of Chinese science fiction and fantasy.

Write for Your Life by Anna Quindlen (Apr 2022)

A guide for those who don’t, won’t, or think they can’t write–what Quindlen calls ‘civilians.’ Using examples past, present, and future–from Anne Frank to Toni Morrison to members of her own family–Quindlen makes vivid all the ways in which writing connects us, to ourselves and to those we cherish.

Zoom Rooms: Poems by Mary Jo Salter (Mar 2022)

The timeless and timely intersect in poems about our unique historical moment, from the prizewinning poet. In Zoom Rooms, Mary Jo Salter considers the strangeness of our recent existence, together with the enduring constants in our lives.

Translating Myself and Others by Jhumpa Lahiri (May 2022)

Drawing on Ovid’s myth of Echo and Narcissus to explore the distinction between writing and translating, the author talks broadly about writing, desire and freedom as she reflects on her emerging identity as a translator.

Science & Technology

How the World Really Works: The Science Behind How We Got Here and Where We’re Going by Vaclav Smil  (May 2022)

This book explains seven of the most fundamental realities governing our survival and prosperity. From energy and food production, through our material world and its globalization, to risks, our environment and its future, How the World Really Works offers a much-needed reality check–because before we can tackle problems effectively, we must understand the facts. 

The Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman by Lindy Elkin-Taunton (June 2022)

A memoir from a world-renowned planetary scientist explores her remarkable life story, the struggles she faced as a woman in the field, and her work as the leader of NASA’s Psyche mission to explore the largest known metal-rich asteroid.

The Sea Trilogy by Rachel Carson, Library of America, Sarah Steingraber editor (Dec 2021)

Three classic books, Under the Sea-wind, The Sea Around Us, and The Edge of the Sea, by one of America’s historically significant writes on marine ecology, with a selection of her uncollected and unpublished sea writing. Rachel Carson is the marine biologist and conservationist credited with advancing the global environmental movement and her work inspired the creation of the EPA.

The Rise and Reign of Mammals: A New History, From the Shadow of the Dinosaurs to Us by Steve Brusatte (June 2022)

Renowned paleontologist and New York Times bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs Steve Brusatte charts the extraordinary story of the dinosaurs’ successor: mammals, which emerged from the shadows to rule the Earth.

The Monster’s Bones: The Discovery of T. Rex and How it Shook Our World by David K. Randall (June 2022)

From prehistory to present day, from remote Patagonia to the unforgiving badlands of the American West to the penthouses of Manhattan, this riveting narrative follows a fearless paleontologist who, after unearthing the first T-Rex fossils, saved NY’s struggling American Museum of Natural History.

Birds, Beasts and Bedlam: Turning My Farm into an Ark for Lost Species by Derek Gow (June 2022)

Recounts the adventures of farmer-turned-rewilder Derek Gow, who is saving Britain’s much-loved but dangerously threatened species, from the water vole to beaver, wildcat to white stork, and tree frog to glow worm.

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