Wingbearer  Spy School: The Graphic Novel  Squidding Around: Prank You Very Much

So many new worlds to explore!
Lots of new series are coming out now. There are also many new options for beginning readers. The trend of reinterpreting traditional novels as graphics novels continues.

Chapter Books to Graphic Novels
Spy School: The Graphic Novel  My Weird School: Get a Grip, We're on a Trip  Athena the Brain  Heroes in Training: Poseidon and the Sea of Fury  Turtle in Paradise

For Beginning Readers
Blue, Barry, and Pancakes: Danger on Mount Choco  Shelby & Watts: A Mountain of a Problem  Geraldine Pu and Her Cat Hat, Too!  Archie and Reddie: Look What We Can Do!  Squidding Around: Prank You Very Much

New Series
Wingbearer  Arcade World: Dino Trouble  The Odds  Who Was the Girl Warrior of France  Zoo Patrol: A New Sheriff in Town