Kraken Me Up  Yummy: A History of Deserts  The Bright Family

From history to adventure, so new graphics to check out!

Chosen for Adventure
Barb the Last Berzerker  Mel, the Chosen  The Bright Family  The Queen's Favorite Witch: The Wheel of Fortune  Hooky

Young Leonardo  History of Western Art in Comics, Part Two: Renaissance to Modern Art  Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists: Food Insecurity and Hunger  Yummy: A History of Deserts  Maker Comics: Build a Robot!

Second in the Series
Glam Prix Racers: Back on Track!  Animorphs: The Visitor  Simon and Chester: Super Sleepover!  A Total Waste of Space-Time!  Cici's Journal: Lost and Found

For Beginning Readers
Tiny Tales: A Feast for Friends  Narwhal's School of Awesomeness  Shelby & Watts: Tide Pool Troubles  Kraken Me Up  Waffles and Pancake: Planetary-Yum