I decided that I should not write about a research methodology in this blog unless I’ve tried it myself.  So, yesterday I decided to do more than just read my genealogy feeds on Facebook.  I wrote up a brief summary of my Canadian research, identified my brick wall and then posted that information on the Ontario Genealogy Facebook page.

The response was so much fun!  Within 15 minutes I got back responses from three people, all with either more questions or ideas about what I might try next.  In the next hour another five people responded.

In this day and age how great is it that people I don’t know, most of whom live in Canada, jumped right in to respond to my questions?  They were friendly, interested, and obviously knew their genealogy “stuff”.

I did not get the answer to my brick wall nor did I really expect that I would.  However, I did get two good pieces of information that will help my research.  I also realized that a genealogy page on Facebook can provide active, smart help in my genealogy research and most importantly, I once again realized how helpful and kind genealogists are as a community!

So, if you need a little burst of fresh air for your genealogy research, try posting a question on a Facebook genealogy page.  Be short, succinct, and clear in the research you’ve done.  Then, sit back and get ready to make some new friends.  Happy research!