Are you looking for something productive to do as you hide inside on cold days? Do you have some old video cassettes, films, slides, old pictures or audio tapes that are sitting in a box, never looked at because they’re in an old format? This winter, with CML’s help, you could take time in-between chores to convert them to a digital format. “How?”  you may wonder? Let CML’s Library of Things help you with those chores. Check out a few of our new tools:

We have numerous scanners that allow you to splice parts of large images together, or quickly digitize documents.

We have a film to digital converter and a slides (or negatives) to digital converter.

For old cassette tapes you can borrow our digital converter.

For old VHS we also have a VHS player and a converting mechanism.

Need to do some work online? Borrow our wifi hubs (that come with a free internet subscription). If you do not have a computer, we can help with that too. Borrow our chromebook (a type of computer) and wifi hub kit!

All devices come with instructions that are easy to follow, even for the more luddite among us. Try them out and let us know how you fare!