This year I was able to do some preserving utilizing items from CML’s Library of Things.

CML has a water bath canner perfect for canning my jars of apple sauce, and if that hadn’t been available, I would have checked the  pressure canner to try it out. Before I gave either of them a go I was sure to read all the instructions, use a reliable recipe from The University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension, and even watched a plethora of their videos for a refresher course on how to use these tools safely.  Check Cooperative Extensions amazing resources!

Despite this fun, my two favorite tools of this preserving season have to be 1) CML’s new Weston Tomato & Fruit Strainer and 2) The Stainless Steel Metal Dehydrator. Check out the applesauce I made with #1:

Our family loves apples so much that this year we joined an apple CSA. Every other week we picked up a bag full of apples to sample throughout the season. So, not only did I make applesauce, we also dehydrated a bunch of apples to have throughout the year. Dehydration is one of my favorite preservation methods.


I adored the stainless steel metal dehydrator I checked out. Although my video quality is poor, I have never had better dried apples so quickly (and I’ve been doing this for years). I will be borrowing this again to make all sorts of goodies!

If you, too, still have apples to manage, please try out these tools and let us know how they work! Enjoy!