This week’s blog is about backing up your genealogy research.  I had a real scare on Christmas.  My laptop was sitting on the floor in my office at home, getting charged.  That shouldn’t be a problem – I’ve done it a million times.  However, this time my old, blind dog somehow slipped into my office (he isn’t allowed in there) when I wasn’t looking.  He discovered my computer and decided it should be HIS computer – yes, he peed on the laptop.

I discovered the computer about two minutes later.  After some time spent trying to figure out what had happened (the dog had intelligently left the room immediately after his transgression), I tried to dry off the laptop.  I even put it in a paper bag with rice at the bottom because I had read that would “draw out” the moisture.

Turns out the rice doesn’t work.  When I got an Apple Genius Bar appointment the next day, the genius opened up the laptop and all the important parts had already started to corrode!  I didn’t even realize that was possible.  So, my computer was dead.

Then I really started to panic because I had ALL my genealogy files on that laptop.  I thought my files were automatically backed up to the Cloud but I wasn’t sure.  Those files represented about ten years of research so, as I’m sure you can imagine, I was very unhappy.

Long story short – yes, my files were automatically backed up and I didn’t lose anything.  Whew.  Thank heavens for iCloud.

So, the moral of my story is that you should check your genealogy files on your computer today and MAKE SURE they are backed up regularly and automatically.  There are many free backup programs out there.  Search “free files backup” and then get to work.  You do not want to lose all of your research upon which you have spent so much time and energy!   Happy research and Happy New Year and a toast to my new computer and old dog!